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If you plan to issue cards to your employees, you should look for a card that allows you to set spending controls and alerts on your employee cards. Also, cards often come with travel and purchase protections that can add some insurance to your next trip or major business purchase.

The majority of business cards come with a points or miles-based rewards program that offer you a choice of redemption options – including travel, merchandise and gift cards – in exchange for your miles or points. Of the 368 business credit cards we analyzed, we hand-picked 40 cards for in-depth individual reviews . 28 out of these 40 business cards in our reviews database include a points- or miles-based rewards program. Out of these, four allow you to collect airline miles, which you can redeem for airfare and other airline rewards, three are cobranded hotel cards that offer hotel nights in exchange for your points and 21 are general rewards cards that offer a wide variety of redemption options.

Cash back cards, which are popular among business owners thanks to their simplicity and high value of cash back rewards, are less common. They constitute 12 out of the 40 business credit cards.

As far as bonus categories for spending go, travel and transportation is by far the most common bonus category among the cards in our review set. 17 out of 40 cards include a bonus category for travel and transportation purchases. Gas station purchases is also a popular bonus category, as is dining and entertainment purchases (12 cards). Flat-rate rewards cards – which offer the same rewards rate on every purchase – are also very common, constituting 13 out of the 40 cards in our review set.

Use credit cards for most of your business purchases Give cards to your employees Juggle rewards cards Keep a close eye on deadlines and fees Never carry a balance Use shopping portals to stack rewards Get bonus points through a program partner Keep track of spending categories and payment due dates

Or download an app that tracks all this information for you. Our Plaid wool hat Isabel Marant Q1QJ3la
helps you manage all your credit card accounts and tells you which card to use at the time of purchase.

Business credit cards typically come with the same travel and purchase protections as their consumer counterparts as well as business-specific features that are better-suited to the needs of small business owners:

Business cards come with high credit limits – usually of $50,000 or higher – which makes them ideal for making large purchases. Some cards, such as the American Express SimplyCash Plus card, even allow you to exceed your credit limit when you need to make a large purchase.

The ability to track and manage business spending is generally a must-have for business owners. Most business credit cards come with expense-tracking features, such as apps that allow you snap photos of your receipts and file them on the go, spending reports, yearly summaries and the ability to designate an account manager to manage it all for you.

4 minute read written by Laurie Pickard . Published on May 7, 2018

What will university education be like ten to fifteen years from now? One Mexican university isn’t waiting to find out. Tecnológico de Monterrey (or Tec Monterrey, as it’s sometimes called) created a division, called Teclabs , whose task is to both anticipate and create the future of higher education. By keeping tabs on innovations within higher education, Teclabs identifies threats and opportunities in the space. The group uses this information to develop, run, and evaluate pilot programs.

We have learned that is possible to deliver a high-quality education at scale.

Among its projects, Teclabs produces MOOCs for the university. Tec Monterrey has produced Modal Scarf underwater pink heart by VIDA VIDA infIZBc
, for platforms including Coursera, edX, and MexicoX; on subjects spanning business, the humanities, science, and engineering. More courses are in the works and will be released soon.

Class Central recently spoke with Jose Escamilla, Director of Teclabs, and Julien DePauw, who leads MOOC projects for the university. As we learned, MOOCs are not a one-off for Tec Monterrey. Rather, they are part of Teclabs’ integrated effort to prepare for the future of higher education.

Class Central

Our conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

How would you describe what Teclabs does?

Teclabs’ objective is to identify how higher education will be in 2030, whatever it becomes. To that end, we do three things: we observe trends, threats, and opportunities; we carry out projects to figure out what higher education will be like; and we do research to evaluate education projects. We also have internal funding – around $800,000 each year – to fund projects from our faculty. Recently, we launched our first round of funding through our new ed tech accelerator. We think it’s a good idea to take a stake in some innovative companies, especially as the private sector starts trying to disrupt the system.

Teclabs EdTech Accelerator

What can you tell us about your MOOC students?

Since 2013, we have had more than 700,000 students. On Coursera, a majority of our students are women. Also on Coursera, more students are reported as being from Colombia than from Mexico. We’re not sure that these numbers are completely accurate since students don’t have to specify where they are from. However, we do know that most of our students are from Latin America.

One challenge we face is awareness. Another is the credibility of online education. And a third is the price

What do you think are the challenges of working in the MOOC/online learning market in Mexico (or Latin America in general) as compared to the US or overall global market?

As the largest Spanish-speaking country, Mexico is a good market for MOOCs and online learning. One challenge we face is awareness. Another is the credibility of online education. And a third is the price. People who don’t really know much about MOOCs might think that they are completely free. Not everyone knows that, in fact, if you really want a certificate you have to pay something. It’s not a large amount of money, but it can be a barrier. Given that many countries in Latin America are developing countries, people can’t necessarily pay the same amount as in the United States or Europe.

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By Gloria Borger , Pamela Brown and Katelyn Polantz, CNN

Updated 6:24 AM ET, Tue January 9, 2018


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Trump team expects Mueller interview request 01:11

Story highlights

Lawyers for President Donald Trump are anticipating a request for the President to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller and are discussing how to define the parameters of any interview, according to sources with knowledge of the matter.

The President's legal team has been preparing for the expected request for months. Trump's lawyers have said they are hoping for the investigation to wrap up quickly.
However, the sources insisted there have been no substantive talks or active negotiations yet about a potential interview with the President. The matter was broached in a previous meeting and both sides are expected to explore it further in coming talks.
Content by Charles Schwab
Not Impossible Labs: building technology for the sake of humanity
Mick Ebeling founded Not Impossible Labs on the premise that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to finding a solution. His innovative team is doing just that.
Ken Starr: It's 'probable' Trump will be interviewed by Mueller
Trump's team would like to structure any agreement for the President to be interviewed by the special counsel. The President has expressed his eagerness to bring an end to the investigation as quickly as possible, according to one source with knowledge.
The expectation is that Mueller's team would not wrap up the investigation without an interview with the President, according to another source with knowledge.
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Trump's team is looking to how previous administrations have handled requests like this in the past as a basis for limiting the President's exposure: whether he actually needs to testify under oath, whether he can provide written answers to questions from Mueller's team and whether the testimony should be recorded. Trump's attorneys don't want their client to be interviewed by the special counsel's team on a fishing expedition, according to one source with knowledge.
Trump appears to say he's willing to meet with Mueller's team
White House special counsel Ty Cobb stressed an overall willingness to cooperate with the Mueller investigation.
"For the record the White House does not comment on communications with the (Office of Special Counsel) out of respect for the OSC and its process. The White House is continuing its full cooperation with the OSC in order to facilitate the earliest possible resolution," Cobb said in a statement.
A spokesman for Mueller's team declined to comment.
It is unusual for a sitting president to speak directly to a special counsel or independent prosecutor who is leading an investigation. Previous presidents have sat down for a deposition in a civil suit.
One exception came with Ken Starr's investigation during the Clinton administration. In the summer of 1998, Starr's office subpoenaed President Bill Clinton to testify before the grand jury. After several days of negotiation between the President's lawyers and Starr's team, the independent counsel withdrew the subpoena. Clinton testified from the White House before the grand jury via closed-circuit television, which was taped and later publicly released. He also gave interviews under oath at the White House which were used as transcripts before the grand jury.
The Trump-Russia investigation, from the beginning
During the Iran-contra investigation in 1987, independent prosecutor Lawrence Walsh reportedly weighed whether to interview President Ronald Reagan in person or accept the President's written testimony. It was later decided that Reagan would submit written answers to Walsh's questions.
Over the weekend, Trump did not dismiss the idea of talking to Mueller's team. When asked by a reporter if he would meet with Mueller, Trump said, "yeah," and then said there has been no collusion and no crime, and did not clarify his answer about a potential meeting.
In June, Trump said he was "one hundred percent" willing to testify under oath about his interactions with former FBI Director James Comey, which could now be part of an obstruction of justice investigation.
Others involved in effort to pressure Sessions to not recuse
Starr said Monday that it's "probable" that Trump will need to meet with Mueller before the special counsel can complete his investigation.
"(Mueller) needs to, in order to round out, complete his investigation, to come to a decision. He needs to look the President in the eye and ask the appropriate questions," Starr told CNN.
Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal echoed Starr.
"Unquestionably there has to be that kind of face-to-face interview," Blumenthal said, on CNN earlier Monday. "The timing is important because the special counsel needs to have as many facts and as much evidence before he has that face-to-face interview with the President of the United States."
How the President talks to prosecutors would be just as important. Starr said that a meeting would likely be negotiated between the lawyers. Because of the dignity of the presidency, it's less likely the special counsel would subpoena a sitting president.
Mens N00461060386012 Baseball Cap Blu Blu Navy 235 Harmont amp; Blaine wPDwH
For the most part, interviews in criminal investigations are voluntary. Trump couldn't be forced to speak directly to Mueller or the FBI; he could only be compelled to testify before a grand jury.
Trump's lawyers could be present for an interview with Mueller's team. Grand juries don't allow defense attorneys in the room during proceedings.
Trump is no stranger to testifying in civil suits. In January 2017, while he was President-elect, Trump gave an interview under oath as part of a lawsuit between his company and chef Jose Andres, who pulled out of a deal to open a restaurant in Trump's Washington hotel after Trump made disparaging campaign trail comments about immigrants. The lawsuit ended with a settlement, and the transcript is still confidential.

CNN's Liz Stark contributed to this story.





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